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Video Production Services


Campaign Concepualization

Everyone knows that great video advertising begins with a great idea.  Not sure how to start? We do.

Script Writing

The backbone of all video production, the script is the detailed explanation of every aspect of your production.

Production Scheduling

Every logistical detail of your Video Production will be skillfully planned to ensure expedient completion.


Great cameras don’t make great films. People who’ve studied and practiced the art and craft of impactful filmmaking do. Put our experience to work for your business.


Sometimes called the “2nd Direction” is truly where your video production comes to life and develops its look, feel and pace under the skillful image manipulation of the project editor.

Video Deployment & SEO

Great, you’ve created an awesome Business Marketing Video, now what? It doesn’t do you any good unless it’s viewed by your potential customers. We can help with that too.

Not all Video Production Companies are built the same.

Video is a powerful selling tool for business. No other medium has the ability to continuously sell your products or services online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week indefinitely.

In order for your video advertisement to be as effective as possible, you need to make sure that your message is as clear and engaging as it can be.

Good video advertising requires expert levels of experience in business marketing, salesmanship, and the technologies used for creation and distribution.

Unlike other video commercial production companies Maxtec Media offers all of our clients decades of technological and business branding experience to help ensure the highest return on investment possible to our advertisers.


video commercial production companies

Unlike other video commercial production companies, We create video commercials that drive business.

When imagining truly effective video advertising, it is natural for people to get hung up on the technology. It can be overwhelming to examine it from a” what’s possible” perspective.

Even with all of the amazing technology that has revolutionized the filmmaking industry, great business advertising still all boils down to the same essential elements, great ideas, and a great writing.

Video advertising is a great platform that gives your business the ability to show your potential customers just how great your business is. It is imperative however that the message  “Or pitch” be delivered in a very professional and engaging manner, in order to maximize the efficiency of the advertising and motivate viewers to take action.

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