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Maxtec Media is full service business marketing company. We produce quality Business Advertising Video, Animation, Website Design, Graphic Design, and Social Media Management services. Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Big Bear Lake and Las Vegas.

We have the creative and technical skills to fully manage your business maeketing and advertising campaigns.

Video Production Companies



Campaign Concepualization

Everyone knows that great video advertising begins with a great idea.  Not sure how to start? We do.

Script Writing

The backbone of all video production, the script is the detailed explanation of every aspect of your production.

Production Scheduling

Every logistical detail of your Video Production will be skillfully planned to ensure expedient completion.


Great cameras don’t make great films. People who’ve studied and practiced the art and craft of impactful filmmaking do. Put our experience to work for your business.


Sometimes called the “2nd Direction” is truly where your video production comes to life and develops its look, feel and pace under the skillful image manipulation of the project editor.

Video Deployment & Social Media Management

Great, you’ve created an awesome Business Marketing Video, now what? It doesn’t do you any good unless it’s viewed by your potential customers. We can help with that too.

Creating a compelling video that sells!

Lots of video production companies just want to sell their services without much thought about effectivness. Let’s face it, producing a video just for the sake of having a video is pointless. What your business needs are videos that compel customers to act. Visual and relatable evidence that your products or services solve your customers’ problems or make their lives better.


There are many methods and styles that we can employ to accomplish this. Understanding your audience is key.

Maxtec Media

One of the Top Video Production Companies for Promotional Business Video.

Connect with your customers on an emotional level.

If your company has wisely decided to incorporate video into your business marketing strategy, then surely you want it to be as effective as possible.


Studies have illustrated substantially that advertisements that connect with consumers on an emotional level are much more effective and memorable than videos that simply state claims and are filled with sales pitches.


A video is the advertising medium that is the most capable of making that connection.

Video advertising tailored to today’s most popular social media platforms.

No matter what type of business advertising you’re currently using on Social Media, you’ll find that Video is far more effective and memorable.

Need help developing a Social Media Video Marketing Plan? Let one of the Top Social Media Video Production Companies help put a Social Video Advertising Campaign together for you.


Here’s what some of our amazing clients have to say about us.
We’ve been using Maxtec Media for all of our video advertising for about 4 years now and we couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. The quality and effectiveness of their video advertising plans are without rival.
Joe Hill

President / CEO,

We couldn’t be happier with the relationship we’ve developed over the years with Maxtec Media.  Project after project, their work is engaging, imaginative and represents our company professionally.
Mike Jared

Director, California Construction & Roofing Inc.

Maxtec Media is a great company and they do amazing work. I would use them again without question. If you are a charity or business of any kind and you are looking for a great marketing tool, you will love the results you get from a Maxtec Production.
Rod Vilencia

Chairman and CEO , The Mary Vilencia Project

Tom delivers technology, marketing and his love for entertainment all at the same time…reliable, honest and professional…a rare breed in this medium.
Scott Schwartz

Attorney at Law, Scott Schwartz Law

Live Broadcasting on all of your favorite Social Media Platforms.

Looking for a powerful new marketing tool that has the ability to completely transform the reach and interactivity your advertising?

Professional looking Live broadcasts on your business’s social media platforms can add an additional layer of interactiveness and approchability to your  messaging and sales.

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