Video Advertising

Maxtec Media will change the way you advertise forever. The affordability and effectiveness of video marketing today makes it an indispensable part of any company’s marketing portfolio.


Social Media Video

In terms of effectiveness and affordability. Social Media Video Marketing can’t be beat. It has single-handedly leveled the playing field and provides a robust audience of video consumers that businesses of every size can effectively market to.

Employee Training

Video is a very effective and cost cutting training platform for your employees. It offers you the ability to show and explain very intricate subjects in a compressed, repeatable and consistent lesson plan that is understandable and comprehended by your workforce.

Testimonial Videos

Nothing sets your business apart from the rest better than an actual customer singing your praises. Testimonial Videos and Tutorial videos establish trust in you area of expertise and do a better job of solidifying a sale than any other form of marketing.

Maxtec Media knows that to be a quality video production company we can’t just pitch a product; we have to create an image, and that image should evoke an emotion. We understand that customers don’t buy products, they buy perceptions and reputations. They buy certainty, trust and likeability. And our Las Vegas, Orange County and Los Angeles based video productions are all about creating those emotions. Your brand image is so important that it cannot be left to chance. Your business’s video production isn’t something you want left to amateurs. The image of your business and ultimately your bottom line are at stake. Choose a video production company with the experience and internet marketing savvy that will get your advertising noticed above all others. If you’re looking for quality yet affordable professional video production in the Los Angeles, Orange County or Las Vegas areas you should contact us right away.




Director / Owner

Over the past 30 years Tom has ammased an impressive resume working in the Film and Television Industry. Working both in front of the camera as an actor and behind the scenes as a Producer, Writer and Director, Tom is a humanist storyteller by nature and a technician by training.




An expert in logistics. Linda is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to putting assets together for a shoot. Pre-Production planning, Scheduling, Casting and Post Production scheduling are all in her vast domain of influence.



Art Director

Ryan searches for the meaning of life and ultimately the value of a story within the essence of the landscape. With a keen sense of taste and an arsenal of art history at the ready, he immerses himself into the task of creating emotion from his creative pallet.


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