Waiting Room Video Production

You have a captive audience, engage them!

From a business perspective, one of the most effective and powerful uses of video in the workplace are Waiting Room Videos.

If your business employs the use of a waiting room, you have a captive audience. Why not make the most of your clients idle time to:

1. Reinforce your brand.
2. Educate your clients about company policy’s and administrative requirements.
3. Increase client retention and referrals.
4. Reinforce the idea that your company is the subject matter expert.
5. Spotlight new services.
6. Up-sell existing clients.

BEWARE – There are company’s out there selling pre-packaged “canned” media designed especially for certain types of waiting rooms. Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors etc. While these waiting room videos can be entertaining and informative for your clients. These “canned” videos will do nothing to reinforce the above listed items, any more than the magazines currently in your waiting room will.

Our solution is to create a fully customized video series that showcases your skills,facilities, specialties, education and staff specifically targeted at your waiting room audience.

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