Video is a powerful tool for marketing your business and driving new sales. However if the video isn’t promoted properly,
you may find that the results from all your hard work can be quite unsatisfactory.
As with any marketing understanding the demographics and behaviors of your key market will go a long way in establishing a successful video promotion plan.
Once you have established who your audience is and the online areas that they routinely hang out in. You may want to employ some of these tried-and-true video marketing methods listed below.

Search engine optimization

YouTube and other video portals like Vimeo, Meta Cafe and Daily Motion are great sources for generating new viewership. At their root however they are all basically just search engines. Search engines that return video results. Therefore it is imperative that you are as thoughtful and deliberate with the SEO of your videos as you would be for your website.

Mandatory items include:

        A. An eye catching title that includes your desired search phrases and keywords.
        B. Make use of the description area to thoroughly describe the contents of your video, making sure to include your targeted          search phrases and keywords. Don’t overdo it though, excessive keyword stuffing can result in penalties that can drastically reduce your videos viewership.
        C. Make sure to include a call to action in the video description as well as a link to your website.
        D. Set up channel properly to ensure viewers programming.
The last thing you ever want to do is drive a potential customer right into the hands of your competition. Sadly many video marketers unwittingly do this by not properly managing their channels settings.  Establish playlists that will dictate what your viewer will see after your video has finished. Otherwise the viewer will likely be served a video determined by YouTube to be similar in content to yours.

Use PPC to increase viewership. 


Sometimes it can be very difficult to develop traction on a video through organic means only. If you’re having trouble they pay per click solution may be the answer for you. All of today’s popular search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, offer pay per click advertising that can very effectively drive consumers that are actively seeking your product or service directly to your video advertising.

Make use of Call to Action Overlays. 

One of the handiest features on YouTube is the ability to incorporate clickable on screen overlays that are visible while the video is playing. This allows you to create a call to action that your potential customer can act upon while you have their attention.  Don’t pass up this opportunity. This can be a very effective tool for increasing conversion rates of your video marketing library.

Make effective use of hashtags on social media. 

Posting your marketing videos to all of the various social media platforms is a bit of a no-brainer. Everyone knows that you can attract a large scale audience for your business through social channels. But if you’re looking to enhance the social effect of your videos, do some quick research for popular #hashtags that are related to the product or service your video is about and make sure to include them in your description.  People search hashtags regularly making this a very effective tool that enables a potential customer to find your advertising video.

Integrate video into your email marketing campaigns. 

Direct marketing of your video advertising through your already established customer base or consumers who have already shown interest in your product or service can be a very effective way of driving new sales.  No artwork or text can sell as effectively as video. Make sure you utilize it at every opportunity.

Create video landing pages on your website. 

Do you have a specific search phrase that you’re targeting? Good. You should.
Build a specific web page that targets that specific search phrase in the title, description and content of the page. Utilize this opportunity to serve consumers that are searching for that specific phrase, your highly targeted video advertising.
As a bonus, your overall website will benefit from the additional SEO boost.
These are just a few of the many strategies that can be employed to increase the effectiveness of your businesses video marketing.

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