Explainer Videos

Explainer Video? What’s that?

An explainer video is usually a short video used to introduce a new product or company; it typically answers a few fundamental questions. It briefly explains the problem that the product or service solves, and why the consumer should want to use this. It is usually casual, with a fun vibe.  It is used to pique the viewer’s interest, and be informative and clear without taking up too much time.

Why would you use an explainer video?

Explainer videos have many advantages over traditional website text explanations and descriptions. Certainly, videos are enormously more engaging than text; if a picture truly is worth a thousand words; imagine what 2 minutes of video is worth?

But the most important reason for using a explainer video

It can increase your conversion rates by around 15 to 50%

(1). For example, Work.com, a work performance management company has increased conversion rates by 20% with the introduction of explainer videos

(2). Shoeline.com saw their conversion rates increase of over 40% when they started showcasing their products using videos instead of just pictures


Virgin America uses them to explain the safety precautions in an airplane.


This example shows that the explainer video can be effective in functions other than explaining a company’s core product.