About Our Team


President, CEO, Director
A 25 year veteran of the film industry. Film credits both in front of and behind the camera. Tom is a humanist storyteller by nature and a technician by training.

  • Directing 85%
  • Writing 90%
  • Editing 93%


An expert in logistics. Linda is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to putting assets together for a shoot. Pre-Production planning, Scheduling, Casting and Post Production scheduling are all in her vast domain of influence.

  • Production Scheduling 85%
  • Casting 93%
  • Production Accounting 91%


Art Director
Ryan searches for the meaning of life and ultimately the value of a story within the essence of the landscape. With a keen sense of taste and an arsenal of art history at the ready, he immerses himself into the task of creating emotion from his creative pallet.

  • Photoshop 85%
  • illustrator 90%
  • Post Color Correction 93%

About Us

Maxtec Media is a professional video production company that is committed to the idea that professional quality film production should be affordable for businesses of every size.

We operate from 3 geographically diverse locations, Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas.

Artistically and efficiently utilizing today’s latest video, Internet and computer technologies, we have developed powerful but affordable new applications to yesterday’s video advertising models.

Maxtec Media is led by Tom Corn, a filmmaker. A veteran of over 300 film and television productions.

As a young man he became fascinated with the emotional power that film and storytelling had on its audience. He felt compelled to learn everything about this magical medium. He spent decades working every job, in front of and behind the camera, studying all of the techniques and methods that evoke emotion in an audience.

He knows that effective video, is video that reaches the emotional epicenter of the brain.

People buy what they want, not necessarily what they need.

To make your customers “want” your products or services you need customized, quality video production, which speaks directly to your clientele. Not the cookie cutter solutions that you’ll see advertised elsewhere.

We provide everything you need from concept development through post-production to streamline the process of producing your website commercial production for our valued and very busy customers.

The end result is a broadcast quality commercial that will give your company that polished professional looking brand recognition that will separate your company from your competition. Every commercial is shot in HD and is suitable for on air broadcast or deployment to a wide range of advertising and marketing platforms including website dissemination and social marketing platforms.

For more information you are welcome to download our brochure. Maxtec Media Brochure

Commercial Production

Business advertising video commercials are a very powerful tool for obtaining new customers and building brand awareness.

Social Media Video

Social Media provides a robust platform of potential customers that your business can effectively and economically market to.


Corporate Communications

Using video to keep your staff trained greatly reduces the time and expense of keeping everyone up to date and provides greater continuity of information.

Tutorial and How To’s

Tutorials can be an efficient and cost cutting solution for building brand awareness, developing customer loyalty and product demonstration.

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